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Why a Lease Makes Sense for You!

First, you don't have to buy the land; we've already done that for you. Instead, you can put that $50,000 or more into investments and make money while you live in the best community in Douglas County. Or, maybe you'd prefer to use some of it to travel, buy an RV, collect antiques, help your grand kids with college, or whatever you prefer.

Second, you're getting a whole bunch of services here for free (they come with your lease payment) that you'd have to pay for separately if you lived in a gated subdivision. For example, you'd have to pay for your water, mowing your lawn, and the property taxes on your lot. And there'd be a Homeowner's Association Fee of $100 or more per month to pay for the upkeep of the gates, waterfall, little brook, streets, sidewalks, sewer and water systems, walking paths, picnic area, clubhouse, and common area lawns and landscaping (such as in the entryway and medians). When you add all that up, you're only really paying for $200 or so of pure "lease payment" for your lot.

Third, for that $200 you're getting a lot more ground to call (partly) your own than if you lived in a normal gated subdivision. Frankly, there's no place around that has the 20 acres of river bottom and almost 1/2 mile of quiet and secluded river frontage that Littlebrook offers you. How much would you have to pay to get the right to private use of that beautiful area, your own private park? $50 per month? $75? So the actual rent for the lots your new home will sit on is really only $150 or so. An incredible bargain!

Retiring to Littlebrook Retirement Community in Roseburg, Oregon, makes sense when you consider the advantages of the land-lease approach…Soon you will be an Active, Independent Retiree wanting your very own affordable detached home, but you also want the amenities that only a planned Retirement Community can offer. You want to own your own home in an attractive setting, with abundant natural beauty and recreational opportunities nearby, and the opportunity to be part of a neighborhood community where you choose when, where, and how often you want to join in activities.

Over 21 million Americans live full-time in manufactured homes. You can afford a new home, a Quality new home, enjoying home ownership and the surrounding community at a low cost. This is the smart alternative. Call us to plan a visit, we will guide you through the entire process and explain the many options.

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